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ICON defined and developed the brand and experience for Avalon—an 86-acre, $600mil community of shopping, dining, entertainment, living and working in the upscale enclave of Alpharetta, Georgia.


When our client, developer North American Properties, broke ground on a $600M, 86-acre mixed-use development in the upscale enclave of Alpharetta, Georgia, it became one of the largest construction projects underway in the post-recovery U.S. It also became an example of an entirely new kind of mixed-use place— one that was driven by the experience as much as it was by the built space. Avalon was envisioned as a place that would not only mix uses—living, working, shopping, entertainment—but would infuse resort-level hospitality throughout the experience, creating a walkable hub of activity and cultural life in the North Atlanta suburbs.


A 360-degree brand creates an immersive story and consistently builds a great experience for retailers, residents, office workers and staff. We drove retail and residential leasing, developed online and onsite presence of the brand, and planned the grand opening of the development. 


The result has been an unqualified success. Opening weekend sales exceeded retailer projections by an average of 250%. Demand for Phase II has skyrocketed; and the place has created "The Avalon Effect," a model for thoughtfully-branded, immersive developments that elevate the entire surrounding community.

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