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CLIENT: The Marcus Foundation

Avalon Action Alliance

Avalon Network came to Copeland to create a new brand identity focused on posttraumatic stress care, brain health, wellbeing/wellness, quality of life for veterans and first responders. Avalon was on the verge of becoming one integrated national network. The new identity should address all three key conditions underlying our national tragedy of veteran & first responder suicide: Depression, TBI and substance abuse.

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The Name and Tagline

The Avalon name embodies the healing properties of the mythical island of Avalon and the mission of post-trauma wellness. The addition of “Action Alliance” reflects the bias for conquering the issue, and the deeply human connection required on both systemic and personal fronts to do so.


The Logo

The logo — “Invisible Storm” — immediately conveys the complex and winding path to win the battle of invisible wounds. It embodies the warrior’s strength and determination to face their mental wellbeing with an optimistic view forward. The new logo honors the brain’s energy, the mind’s ultimate power, and the often winding journey to a successful solution.

The Tagline

When our warriors power through to lead fulfilling lives, we call it Winning the Battle Within. Winning this fight, that so often goes unseen, is at the core of everything Avalon does and believes.

About the System

The star is the point of recovery, the destination for healing. It symbolizes the fight to win the battle within, and the lightness and hope participants often feel. It indicates accomplishment.  

The design system featured iconography designed to clearly communicate our 3 interrelated post-trauma impacts–Depression, TBI and substance abuse.




The Alliance in Action

In order to connect veterans and first responders to the proper services, Avalon created a network of resources that can support their three main categories: Depression, TBI, and substance abuse. Copeland designed an expansive website that informs potential patients of their mission and can connect them to the right resources. The website continues to foster association with military and first responders and translates to the general population. The challenge was to resonate with the warrior mindset: “conquering and goal oriented.”


A Year in Review

Avalon’s 2022 Annual Report served as the organization’s official brand launch for their donors, current funders, and future funders. Copeland created a visual and in-depth look at the achievements of the organization throughout 2022 and highlighted the ways the new brand will help the organization reach their mission.

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