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A Modern Tradition

In 2017, Aaron Lange challenged the traditional western farming model and transitioned his 3rd-generation family farm to a regenerative, pasture-based farm. Now, he and his cousin Steve look to expand their operation and promote their local regenerative mission — for their animals, for their community, and for their planet.

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Tagline and Positioning

Grandview Pastures is uniquely modern and traditional. Although regenerative farming — which includes: humanely-raised animals, reversing soil damage, and creating a nutrient-dense food product which improves the overall health of the community — is technically more traditional than modern-day farming techniques, it’s modernity comes from challenging the status quo in a progressive attempt to heal our planet and offer good, healthy food. It’s a labor-intensive process, and one that requires loyalty. As the antithesis of the farm's corporate neighbors, we positioned Grandview Pastures with an emphasis on their humanity at the intersection of rural and modern.

The Tagline

As a riff on the “farm-to-table” format, “Honest to Goodness” reflects the ways that being good to your animals and land will help them be good to you. Additionally, this down-to-earth and familiar phrase connects the farm to their local community, and describes both their farming practices and their grand mission. 

A Grand Mission

We are Grandview Pastures, a progressive family farm in Trenton, Ontario built on the principles of regenerative agriculture. But it’s the art of managing and maintaining an honest to goodness “living farm” that really defines us. Our mission is grand: nurturing nature for a more ethical earth and raising livestock to humanely high standards. It’s a time-consuming labor of love, and it’s the best way forward; for our customers, communities and the planet.


Staying down to earth is in our nature.

The Logos

The name Grandview comes from the “grand view” that the Lange’s family found when they settled there in 1959. Aptly, we were able to portray the family’s old barn in a pastoral illustration featuring a foraging cow. Custom logotype was designed — “Grandview” creates a sweeping panoramic shape in a modern slab-serif typeface; “Pastures” is hand-drawn in a script style reminiscent of the hand-painted lettering on their family’s barn — and reiterates their modern yet traditional brand.  The logotype, illustration, tagline, and location all assemble in a keylined rectangular viewfinder shape, creating a classic and sleek badge. Components can also be removed from the badge for adaptability and scale. 

Bringing the Brand to Life

Keeping in line with the modern farmhouse style, the brand colors are mainly white on black, with soft accent colors to compliment when needed. Additional animal illustrations were created in the same style as the logo landscape — sleek with a hand-drawn touch. A regenerative scene was also created to tell GVP’s regenerative story to their consumers.  


GVP’s customers order their products through GrazeCart, a “farm-to-fork” web platform. This web process was updated to align with the brand identity. Product labels, t-shirts, baseball hats, and a truck wrap were designed to create a sleek and cohesive look for their local delivery system. 







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