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CLIENT: Fiber Industries

Darling Fibers

Located in Darlington, SC, former Fiber Industries is bringing fiber home. The textile manufacturing company and plant has maintained a substantial history in the area and reopened to advance towards sustainability. To support this shift, the visual identity needed an equally-advanced transformation to capture the legacy, innovation, and vibrance.

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The Name and Tagline

When we say “darling,” we mean we care very much. Referencing the company’s heritage in Darlington, SC, Darling Fibers captures the legacy of the company, leverages local pride, and nods to Made in the USA in a familiar and authentic way. This new name is friendly, approachable, and completely memorable for textile manufacturing.


The Logo

To capture the essence of the new brand position, the Darling logo needed to be future-forward and friendly. Inspired by motion, fiber strands, and sustainable cycles, we developed a spirograph upper-case D symbol. The custom logotype is both familiar and professional and combines with the symbol to create a unique and vibrant new identity.

The Tagline

Continuing the brand position, the new tagline, Sustainably Yours, references the brand’s sustainability goals and creates a direct connection to the consumer.

Sustainably Yours Tagline.gif

About the System

The primary use of navy blue is updated and continued from the original brands to reflect the heritage of the company and its place in South Carolina as well as the U.S. A modern, bright, purple was added to differentiate the brand from other green-thinking competitors and capture the vibrancy of the brand. Vibrant secondary colors also create energy for the brand and clear, streamlined icons are filled with fluid gradients reiterating the idea of a modern sustainable textile. The D symbol is scaled and used to create delicate fiber textures and borders that add visual interest, movement, and ownership to the brand.



A Piece of the Clover

As part of a larger, ongoing goal towards sustainability, Darling Fibers aims to leverage their land as a sustainable manufacturing hub to promote industry partnerships and create a circular U.S. economy, right from Darlington, S.C. Darling Fibers and Darlington Green are inherently connected and reference each other in their symbols and branding as the Darling “D” gets rotated to become Darlington’s clover symbol.

Darling Applications

Darling’s Nature-Positive products include a line of PolyAir™ fibers. These marks also utilize the Darling “D” to connect to the brand, and are differentiated using Darling’s wide range of colors. Sister sites were designed for both Darling Fibers and Darlington Green to connect the companies to potential co-collaborators and consumers. Numerous other applications display the sophisticated, future-forward nature of Darling Fibers and their new brand.


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