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Intelligence to Protect

DataVisor is a visionary brand, a company that rises above competitors, both established and start-up, to provide true security for some of the biggest financial and social e-commerce in the world—all while helping create a better user experience.

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DataVisor's brand - dated, vague and dense - didn't capture the power of what they offered and who they are. There was low awareness, poor differentiation from competitors, causing difficulty in making new sales leads and cross-selling within existing relationships.

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The objective was to get decision-makers in financial and social e-commerce companies to choose DataVisor by marrying the drive of a young growth company with the credibility of an expert. The new brand had to capture the true promise of DataVisor. We were asked to create a brand identity, that answered the question of 'who is DataVisor', that translated globally, and spoke to the various decision-makers and provided a relevant platform for content and storytelling.

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From conducting in-depth interviews with internal stakeholders and audiences, conducting a competitive audit and looking at best in class across relevant industries, we created and implemented a strong positioning that translates into a tone of voice, creative pillars, a new logo, visual identity system, guidelines and website.


Using the most basic geometric shapes, we were able to build a fresh new look for our client that captures the essence of their personality. From this point, an entire visual system was imagined, using the same "building blocks" to create a brand reflecting the confident, bright, and dynamic personality of DataVisor.

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