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Bringing Climate

Solutions Home.

Drawdown Georgia is the first state-centered effort to crowd solve for climate change, with solutions that are tailored to Georgia’s unique natural, economic, and social resources. Inspired by Project Drawdown, Copeland changed 'drawdown' from a passive noun to a verb, immediately communicating that Georgia has an action plan vs. just an effort. We built the new brand identity and design system from the ground up, including all digital, print, and merchandise applications.

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The Identity

Custom typography was designed to create a proprietary connection with Project Drawdown. Climate change is most easily represented by color gradients, or “climate stripes”. The primary Drawdown GA identity was built around a proprietary cool-to-warm color combination, reflecting the natural environment of the state, while communicating the essence of a changing climate.


Drawdown GA Brand Hierarchy

Drawdown Georgia is built on 20 specific climate solutions within 5 sectors tailored to Georgia’s landscape and economy to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. Copeland created 5 proprietary sub-brands, a proprietary color palette and 20 icons to communicate each solution.

20 Solution Icons

The proprietary climate iconography creates a visual language that carefully reflects and connects all elements in Drawdown Georgia design system.

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Bringing the Brand to Life

Creating an online presence for such complex information was particularly challenging. The colorful Visual Identity System plays an important role in presenting the sectors, solutions and calls to action for the audience. As the first climate site to use crowdsolving to build a movement, the simple, concise design elements help define this groundbreaking process. 

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