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Drawdown Georgia is the first state–centered effort to crowdsolve for climate change, with solutions that are tailored to Georgia’s unique natural, economic, and social resources. Copeland built the new brand identity and design system from the ground up, including all digital, print and merchandise applications.

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Climate Stripes

Climate change is most easily represented by color gradients, or “climate stripes”. The Primary Drawdown GA identity was built around a proprietary cool-to-warm color combination, reflecting the natural environment of the state.


One State, Five Sectors

Drawdown GA is inspired by Project Drawdown, with climate solutions tailored to reduce carbon emissions. In the new design system, Georgia’s 5 solution sectors are represented by five colors taken from the Drawdown GA gradient. These 5 colors inform every application across the brand.

Five Sectors, Twenty Solutions

Within the 5 solution sectors are 20 specific climate solutions. Copeland created proprietary iconography to communicate each solution.

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Bringing the Brand to Life

Creating an online presence for such complex information was a particular challenge. The design system played a big role in the presentation of the sectors, the solutions, and calls to action. As the first climate site to use crowdsolving to build a movement, the simple, concise design elements help define this groundbreaking process.

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