ICON designed a 360-degree campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary of Powerbond—a uniquely indestructible and super cool carpet product that set a new performance standard in the industry. 


Carpet usually lasts 10 years or so—and in commercial environments like schools, that’s more like five. Powerbond flipped the whole industry with a design-forward product that could withstand almost anything (water, spills, millions of feet) and keep on keeping on. It’s been on the floor of some schools for 30(!) years in some cases, looking as good as ever. 

We celebrated this huge milestone with a campaign built on a timeless sense of hip, crafting a distinct identity and look and feel that focuses on icons of design through the years. An editorial campaign unearthed some of the product’s most incredible stories; we created a Powerbonded experience for NeoCon; and videos that turned the volume up on the brand’s impact over time. 

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