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Choose to be your best.

Quantuvos is a professional coaching company that believes there is extraordinary in everyone. Their purpose is to nurture that extraordinary. Copeland was tasked with creating a new identity from the ground up that included a brand identity, website and a complete visual imaging system that makes the brand sizzle in every application.

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The Logo

The logo is the heart of the entire branding system. Built around the letter Q, the logo springs to life as a tree, representing the growth of the individual, fills the letterform. The leaves evoke ripples , and in its final form...a fingerprint.

Asset 7_3x.png
Asset 2_3x.png
Asset 14_3x.png
Asset 6_3x.png

About the System

Like the rippling of waves in a pond or the continuous repetition of tree rings, coaching is a transformative experience that moves people forward in their career and in life. The Quantuvos VIS was created to support the identity across all applications--print, web and digital. With Q as a starting point, congruent lines ripple away, capturing life's journey for growth and enlightenment.

Asset 12_3x.png


Asset 10_3x.png
Asset 9_3x.png
Asset 11_3x.png
Asset 8_3x.png


Asset 13_3x.png


Asset 4_3x.png

How it all works together

Creating a unified brand experience started with a strong logo at the center of every visual expression. The subtle color palette at the heart of the Visual Identity System plays an important role in unifying content, imagery and calls to action for the audience. The website serves as a recruiting tool for coaches and a sales tool for corporations and individuals looking to take the next step in their career.

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