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On the Path to Truth
& Barbecue

Trailheads is not a typical branding project. Here, we get to be our own clients, design things that make us smile, and hopefully others along the way. Trailheads is a group of six friends and two dogs who hike the woods of North Georgia and tackle the issues of our time. These guys all hail from the creative industry, so high level creative expression is our passion. Combined with a ravenous love of barbecue at the end of every hike, it's never difficult to find content and inspiration. Our tagline, and mission: "On the Path to Truth and Barbecue", guides every creative expression.

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About the Logo

Trailheads were all children of the 60's, and as such, the name and the logo had to connect in a tongue in cheek way, trippy way to that psychedelic era. Rhythmic lines, bright bold colors bring the mark to life. Pass the mushrooms!

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About the Design System

Trailheads are nothing if not fun, and our design system was created in that spirit, a flexible brand image that connects the image across all applications--from web and digital, to social and swag. The result is a totally integrated, highly expressive backdrop for the imaginative creative. 

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About the Website is dumping grounds for tales from the trails and reviews from barbecue joints across Georgia. It also gives us a chance to give back by selling cool Trailheads swag to raise money for the families of fallen firefighters.


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Trailheads Swag

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